Salvori Folding Guitar Stand with Auto-Lock System and Soild Tripod for Single Bass, Acoustic, Electric, Classical Guitar or Ukulele


Salvori GS-209: The Quality Protection Your Guitar Deserves

The unparalleled GS-209 from Salvori secure a finer quality of protection that understands your needs. The stand is crafted with the Auto-Lock System, a Guitar Bag Hook, a Polyester Fiber Protection System and a Folding System, making it a one-size-fits-all solution for bass, classic, acoustic, electric guitar and ukulele players.


  • The Auto-Lock System locks the guitar (neck) automatically, securing it from any unwarranted accidents.
  • The Salvori Guitar Stand is sturdy enough to hold up to 15kg (33 Ibs).
  • The Polyester Fiber Protection System shields the guitar neck (including Nitro-Lacquer) from any scratches or corrosions.
  • The Guitar Bag Hook allows for an empty guitar bag to be hung along with the guitar on the stand.
  • The Salvori Guitar Stand is designed to be easily foldable and portable – offering maximum flexibility.
  • Trust in Salvori’s superior quality and reliable protection, now and always. Lose yourself in the music with the GS-209 from Salvori.


  • Better protection and higher quality for your priceless guitars.
  • The Auto-Lock System locks the guitar (neck) automatically through gravity and successfully prevents your priceless instrument from falling. It is compatible with all basses, traditional, acoustic, electric, and ukulele guitars.
  • The guitar neck is protected from scratches and corrosion by the Polyester Fiber Protection System (compatible for all types of guitar necks, including Nitro-Lacquer);
  • The Salvori guitar stand can support up to 15 kg (33 lbs) of weight.
  • When your instrument is suspended from the stand at the same time, the Guitar Bag Hook can hang an empty guitar bag;
  • Salvori Guitar Stand is simply collapsible and portable due to its flexibility.

Reminder: Items with electrical plugs are intended for usage in the US. This product may need an adapter or converter to be used in your destination due to the different outlets and voltage across the world. Before ordering, kindly verify compatibility.


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