38″ Wood Guitar With Case and Accessories for Kids/Boys/Girls/Teens/Beginners (Blue)


  • CLASSICAL GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS: Do you want your kid to play the guitar? Is your kid constantly pleading with you to buy him/her a guitar so they can play? Do you think playing the guitar will help your youngster become more relaxed or stimulated? this is your response. simply obtain this fantastic Master-Play the guitar to get them playing, learn to play, or just to get them interested in this wonderful real guitar.
  • The most popular wood used to make guitars, linden, is used to make the top, bottom, and neck of this incredible instrument. The strings are made of half steel and half nylon, which is the ideal way to start playing the guitar since they are meant to be comfortable to play with fingers without injuring your child’s small fingers. It is robust and sturdy and won’t be damaged if it falls over and has a fantastic influence on the loudness.
  • AMAZING SOUNDS This guitar will not let you down; it will provide you with lovely and authentic tones. You can play whatever genre of music you choose on it, and its top features six tuners for its six strings, allowing you to customize its sounds to suit your preferences.
  • EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE a complete guitar set is included, along with an additional set of strings and a strap for carrying the instrument. You receive picks so you can play the guitar with them, a wonderful bag to keep the guitar in with traps to hold the entire guitar on the back, a tuner to help you find the appropriate note, and a capo to help you direct your melodies in the right direction.
  • DIMENSIONS This guitar is suitable for children aged 6 to 15 and measures 38 inches in height, 3 inches in width, and 11 inches in thickness.


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